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Our beginning

Quality Assured Plastics, Inc. was incorporated in June of this year. Crandall family mortgaged their farm and bought 3 presses ranging in size from 125 tons to 300 tons. They rented an old canning factory in Lawrence Michigan and the family ran the presses while holding down full span jobs elsewhere.

Due to capacity needs, a new 300 ton Engel was added in December.
A new 225 ton Engel was purchased in April.

In keeping with the statement of its name, QAP's first full year of production resulted in a 99.4% quality acceptance of its products. At that span QAP was serving the Automotive, Recreational Vehicle, and Construction industries.


Purchased North Star Molding in Kalamazoo adding approximately 50 customers to QAP's customer list and 9 machines to its production capacity; serving the Automotive, Appliance, Consumer, Housewares, Electrical, Infant, Medical, Office Furniture, and other miscellaneous industries.

Purchased two new Engel machines, a 150 ton and 250 ton. Three other new machines, a 150, 80, and 100 ton, were also put into production in Lawrence in August of 1990. This brought the number of machines in Lawrence to 10 plus the 9 machines in the Kalamazoo facility.

Certificate of Recognition from defense contractor customer
Three older machines from North Star Facility were sold, and two new Van Dorn machines were leased to replace them. In December of 1996, two of the original used machines in the Lawrence facility were sold and replaced with two new Engel machines. The total number of machines in production at QAP as of 4/1/97 is 18; 10 in Lawrence and 8 in Kalamazoo.

It was determined that the distance between the two plants and the duplication of management labor was not cost-effective for QAP. In June 1996, the Kalamazoo facility was merged into the Lawrence plant. The old machines at Kalamazoo were disposed of as well as the original 3 Van Dorn machines at Lawrence. The Van Dorns were replaced with two new Engel machines and the two leased machines at Kalamazoo were moved to Lawrence.


QAP built a new production facility in the Lawrence-Crandall Business Centre, located at the intersection of Interstate 94 and County Road 365 in Lawrence, Michigan. The 12.46-acre site provides enough space to expand the current facility, which was designed to be duplicated eight times, to an eventual total of 100 machines if necessary and desired. Our affiliates own a total of 220 adjoining acres, developed with water and sewer, which could be made available to Quality Assured Plastics should we need to expand beyond our 12.46 acres.

Moved into new facility
QAP was certified to the ISO9002:1994 and QS9000:1998 quality standards.
Supplier of the Year for major customer
Mark Keyser was hired as General Manager. Mark brought engineering, tooling, and production knowledge to the QAP team.
Successfully made the transition from a sub-contract, to a prime molder.
In-house tool maintenance and a full-time maintenance person expanded the team to provide more services to QAP's customers.

Vertical Injection Molding was added to QAP's list of capabilities.
David Lazarek was hired as the Director of Quality, bringing the talents needed for QAP to operate more effectively in the markets into which it was growing.

Implemented Electronic Manufacturing Resource Planning System (MRP)
Certified to the TS16949:2002 Quality Standard
TRW named QAP as one of its primary injection molding suppliers. This required QAP to increase its capability to do layouts for existing parts and new parts.

Water tower completed clearing the way for expansion of the property.
Conceptualized, designed, and implemented Process Monitoring System (PMS) in house.
Achieved Best in Class for major customer

By its dedication to producing quality products, QAP serves its customers well and has developed a reputation that is reflected in its name. The list of industries served by QAP has remained relatively constant, even though some of the customers have ceased to exist. During the past few years, QAP has developed a relatively stable customer base with enough non-automotive customers to reduce the drastic cycles experienced by QAP when it primarily served the automotive industry.