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Quality Policy

Quality Assured Plastics' commitment to quality begins and ends with the customer. We are dedicated to learning the expectations of our customers and working to meet those expectations.


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Quality begins with reliable data

When it comes to conformance to customer standards, it is imperative that you have data that both you and your customer can trust. All of our measuring equipment is routinely calibrated to the NIST reference standards. Measurement System Analysis is available as well on features where the measurement error must be tabulated and controlled.

Custom Gage Design & Fabrication

The engineering staff at QAP has exten-sive experience designing and fabricating custom gages, jigs and fixtures. Whether your need is as simple as a custom Go-NoGo gage, or an assembly fixture com-plete with electronic mistake – proofing, QAP can design and build your next manu-facturing solution. MSA's are available upon request for all custom gaging.

Physical Inspection

Utilizing a Brown & Sharpe Micro-Val® CMM and Nikon's CMM Manager® software, QAP offers complete first piece inspection capabilities. Prints are coded for reference to the dimensional report. Basic physical measurements utilizing traditional measurement methods such as gage pins, height gages, micrometers, etc are

also available. Please include a copy of the drawing and number of samples to measure with your request for quote.

Measurement Systems Analysis

Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies are also available, in compliance with the AIAG manual.

Capability Studies

Measurement analysis of groups of parts is available with complete statistical analysis, including CpK, PpK, skewness, and kurtosis

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Quality Engineering assistance is also available, with development of Control Plans, Pro-cess FMEAs, Process Flow Diagrams at the customer's request.